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WRITERS: Make some extra $$$

We are still accepting manuscripts for review. We love reading your stories!

Before submitting- PLEASE follow these two tips-

Tip 1: Please make sure it is reviewed by a professional editor. If you need one, please be sure to check out this website under "SERVICES".

We offer all types of services, that include developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading!!!!

Tip 2: Follow the requirements noted on the "SUBMISSION" tab.

I am personally giving 30 minute FREE consultation sessions with any aspiring author who is interested. Email us via and share at minimum 3 dates/times, name, and phone number.

It's always best when you do some research, some time perusing our website will go a long way.

4 Ways You Can Make Some Money:

a. Linked In:

Connect and reach out to entrepreneurs, founders, business owners, and executives. Inquire and determine if he/she would be interested in someone writing a piece for them.

For example if the title is " Customer Development Specialist". You could ask, "Have you considered writing a piece to share strategies to others who are novice to your field?"

b. Medium:

Yes, Medium Pay Wall. It's a website where you can join their Partner Program and basically the more people read your stories, the more you get paid. Check it out and see if this is a venture you can implement in your daily schedule.

c. Remote Services:

Offer consulting, editing, writing lesson, even writing for blogs and websites. You need to start with telling friends and family and asking them to help you share.

d. Substack:

This is a newsletter hub. You write about your passion, what you know about. You become the expert. You will have to ensure you're up to date with the latest (research). You write and readers pay $5 a month to access your newsletter. This doesn't sound like much, but $5 a month X 1,000 subscribers = $5,000.00 a month.

Be sure to connect with us on social media and share some more tips you may have! Please be safe and stay home if you can. We wish you a healthy and safe environments as the days staying home are extended.


The real question is:

Did Shakespear write King Lear in plague quarantine? If so, does this matter to you, why or why not?

To me- personally- it gives me motivation. I am certainly in a more priviliged, comfortable home. So if he can write during his time, I can at minimum write the grocery list. Which I hope doesn't include toilet paper, because as we all know there's a shortage.

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