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Getting ready for HHM

Welcome to our September blog! First things first, I hope you're doing well. This time frame has been insane! We are all super busy and fear of getting sick is everywhere.

Our new normal includes continuing the tradition of celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month- it's 9/15 to 10/15 in the USA. A time to recognize contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans (history, culture, and achievement)

To help celebrate our authors are available to visit your school or classroom for free. Feel free to purchase one of their books to support them. The video will be pre-recorded.

Have you checked out "I am American, Soy Mexicana, Soy ME" by Martha Alanis a beautiful story of a little girl who emigrates from the USA to Mexico and back to the USA.

Also "What is going on in the world?" a book full of empowerment for children amidst this world pandemic. Check this book out!!!

Next we are going to celebrate the book release on October 10 at 6 pm Facebook Live- "100% ME". A story about a sweet little boy caught between two culures: African-American and Hispanic. Don't miss it!

Last but not least, Writing during the quarantine...what's my advice? It's the same advice I always give...Set a schedule and follow it! Keep your routine, it helps you stay connected, healthy and productive.

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