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Let's welcome August with TWO book release parties!!!

Goooood morning!!!! I am up and ready to conquer the world! I wanted to give you a quick update on what's going on in our side of things.

Yesterday 1010 Publishing presented at the Gwinnett County Public Library System: Suwannee Branch. We got to meet some amazing aspiring and published authors. We love connecting and supporting all of the writers out there.

Some FREE amazing events coming up... TWO publishing parties in Atlanta.

Connections: A Journey of Love and Autism

August 1

Taqueria Tsunami

1570 Holcomb Bridge Rd


A Long Journey to Safety

August 3


3510 Shallowford Rd NE

10-11:30 AM

We hope to see you there!!!

Did you know Hispanic Heritage Month is from September 15-October 15? Okay so it should not be the ONLY time all children get to see themselves in books, movies, etc. but it is a great time to do so. So if you've not check out "3,585 MILES TO BE AN AMERICAN GIRL" this would be a super relevant time. PLUS if you're a teacher- you BUY 1 GET 1 50% off & FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the US.

Contact us for this special offer.


Did someone say school? Parents are elated and kids not so much (I used to love it, but I'm also a fun, life-loving nerd). So schools and parents alike have the same goals, for the children to be emotionally, socially and academically successful. Yes, it looks different for all children, but since there's no blueprint on how to accomplish this, we have a book (available in English and Spanish) that can help you as you maneuver this parenting journey. All school districts and schools have goals on how to help improve and support parental involvement. This book not only meets those goal expectations but also supports literacy goals as a whole. It is, of course, available in English and Spanish. If you are an organization or school (or school district) a presenter's guide is available to you when you purchase one of our packages.

We have been successful in connecting with several schools/school districts. Let's talk!

This month's tip: (for self-publishing)

A contract/agreement for services such as editing, illustrations, graphic designing, etc. are not an option- this should be the rule of thumb. Mi gente, please be knowledgeable and foreward thinking. Connect with a literary attorney and do not make the mistake of going into business with someone you do or don't know and not get the results you need. I mention those you may know because it only takes one time for a "friend" to not comply with the work you are paying for things to go south really quick. There's nothing like money being involved to ruin a friendship or relationship. Secure your work and be smart about the business you conduct. Seek professionals and always have a signed, notarized agreement done.

Welcome to La Familia- Victoria Chen, Martha Alanis, Duane Crawford, and Mari Bellas!!! Our submission window ends August 1!!!!

Have an amazing week/ to you soon.

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