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Did you know Utah used to be part of Mexico?

Well I sure didn't...kinda makes me think I fell asleep some time during American History class in high school. I really should have paid attention to this part. Well I was in Utah this past week and weekend and heard that 1 in every 4 school aged student is of Hispanic/Latino decend. Initially I thought..."Hmmm... Mormon country is full of Latinos?". Well it turns out that it's true. Utah along with 6 other full/partial states were all part of Mexico until the war which ended with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848, where Mexico handed over this land. Just a little history for you (and me).

So did you know one of the biggest problems self-publishers encounter is the technical errors review? Yes! grammatical errors happen much too often and apparently much more when you're doing a professional project. So invest wisely and have more than a handful of people read over your finished product to ensure it is reviewed appropriately.

What are you doing this Saturday? I will be at Baggett ES here in Gwinnett County. There will be an international festival and I have the privilige of being a part of it. I'm super excited to see all of the kids and meeting families from all over the world living here in Gwinnett. AWESOME! Hope to see you there!

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