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Peru...World Cup here we come!

So who around here is into soccer? Better known as futbol to the rest of the world. If you know me I'm really not into sports because of the sport. If I engage in a sports event by going to a game or to a party it's more about the people going than the actual sport. Having said that I would be amiss if I didn't mention that MY home country is headed to the World Cup!!

What's the World Cup you ask? It's the largest professional soccer tournament, It is held every 4 years, for tradition purposes only.

World Cup 2018 is just seven months away, and teams around the globe have finally finished qualifying for the world's most popular sporting event. Russia qualified as the host country in 2010, and 31 other nations have already as qualification wrapped up around the world with Peru's playoff triumph over New Zealand. I hear tickets are about $310 dollars, which is about $15 more than they were in Brazil at the last World Cup. In Brazil people even paid up to $20,000 per ticket!! I dpn't know how that's going to play out in Russia because ...well it's not Brazil.

Brazil is known for beautiful people. Happy, party people. Tan and did I mention good looking people? and Russia well it's not. When people think of Russia they think cold. That's it just cold. Oh maybe the Cold War. Which has the word "cold" in it. A war between the USA and the Soviet Union. That war was eventually won in 1991 under President Reagan, I think it lasted 44 years.

So just beacuse I'm not an avid sports fanatic does not mean I can't root for my home team. Woot Woot and Arriba Peru!!!

(Who wants to have a watch party? The World Cup begins June 14 and last until July 15. I have an extra shirt or two)

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