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Can an apple a day really keep the doctor away?

Have you been watching all of those health documentaries? I definitely am not an extremist of any sort for any reason, but this whole fresh fruits and veggies thing really has me focusing on what I put in my mouth. People do say, "you are what you eat". Wasn't it Hippocrates that said, " Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food"? There might be something to that.

As far as I know apples alone have antioxidants and are full of fiber. Just yesterday I read that eating an apple can also eleviate heart burn. I'm crossing my fingers I don't ever get heart burn, it sounds like it hurts. There are literally 7,500 types of apples in the world! The U.S. alone has over 100 different kinds. Apples are versatile, you can eat them raw, which are yummy! But you can bake them in a pie or just bake them as a dessert with cinnamon and sugar. Main dishes like pork tenderloins and caramalized apples and side dishes can also incorporate apples, maybe a quiona apple salad with toasted almonds in a vinaigrette.

Oh and did you know that carrots were first grown for medicinal purposes? They helped people with anxiety. Carrots are full of antioxidants and help with digestion too. Way before carrots were orange they were purple and red. Who knew! Carrots are yummy raw too, for me they are and Oreo (my dog) likes them too. Unlike wild rabbits, they don't eat roots and certainly do not eat things that are sweet. Carrots are pretty sweet.

What about okra? Okra is full of folic acid and calcium. That's how I was introduced to okra. When I was pregnant I made it my mission to eat foods full of folic acid for the brain development of my baby. My favorite okra recipe is okra maque choux. Have you ever had it? You make it with sausage and a little heat, like a habanero pepper...yum!

All of these foods and the rest of the fruits and vegetables in the world are better for you than a huge bowl of pasta ( I say that but pasta is my kryptonite) or two chocolate chip pop tarts. I am going to need my tribe to help push me all the way over to the healthy side...who's with me? Let's try one minor change at a time. Do it for the HEALTH of you! Research has proven time and time again, that those foods that grown from our earth are better for you and your body can digest it easier. It can distribute its nutrients throughout your body. It doesn't have to guess on how to digest it or if it's good for you or not.

I will do one change at a time, after all I would like to be around for my grandchildren.

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