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What if you have doubts?

Any time you're working on a goal, whether it's a personal or professional goal you will encounter a moment of doubt. The thing is that goals are what take us forward in life. I think of a goal like a destination. In my quest to arrive at my destination, I will have to decide which road to take. I will have options of exits, turns, road blocks, and even U-turns. I will most likely map out my route; even if I use GPS I always click on the "directions" option. I like to see what my exits are so I can see how long it will take me to get to my destination. If you don't know your destination, how will you know when you've arrived where you need to be?

So what happens when you do get lost? Yesterday on my way to an event, my GPS literally told me to turn right. I did and immediately faced a dead end. It's a new road and not finished yet. So what did I do? I went back to the main road and chose another route on my GPS.

It's similar to what you have to do with your goals. If you run into a bump on the road or a doubt, then you have to reset yourself:

1. Don't be too hard on yourself. Everyone has had to reset at some point or another. Having to reset doesn't make you any better or less than anyone else. So don't waste time at the pity party, move on to the success bus.

2. Understand that hard work + talent doesn't neccesarily equate to success; many times the attitude you choose will take you a long way. Make sure this is something that motivates you.

3. Re-write your goal. Re-write your monitoring dates and progress checks. Time and time again it has been proven that written goals are more likely to be accomplished. I always write my goals down.

4. Stick with it!!! Consistency can sometimes be your primary reason for not accomplishing your goal. Be mindful and determined in your success.

5. When encountering more doubt, go back to #1. Yup! It's okay to reset and start all over.

"Goals are like magnets, they attract the things that make them come true." Tony Robbins

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