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Who exemplifies HOPE in your life?

Think about the people you know in your life. Do you know someone who reflects being a strong spirited individual? Have you come across a person who is bold and unconventionally different than those around him/her? Is there a particular person you consider beautiful insdie and out? Could it be that there's a close person in your tribe that you know as courageous.

I can most likely and readily name women who probably exemplify all of these characteristics. But guess what? It's not A SINGLE WOMAN, it happens to be multiple different women who have one specific variable alike. That one variable is cancer. I know a couple of women who are currently diagnosed with breast cancer and another woman who is diagnosed with a cancer that affects her fallopian tubes. In the midst of what most would consider their darkest times, they endure it and continue to move forward.

Regardless of the type of cancer, I can honestly say that each of them are women who inspires, motivate and have a zeal for life! Each of them reflect hope and do not wait around for pity. They love life and help me realize how precious life can be. Each of them is more courageous than I could ever hope to be. I see them smiling, laughing, taking trips and having fun all while dealing and handling this horrible medical nightmare.

Today, of all days, I can be a little bit more grateful for these women. Why you ask? Well, today I had three different appointments at the women's clinic. One where I received a comprehensive consultation or two in addition to several advanced diagnostic tests. Several weeks ago during my routine annual physical, my primary physician felt some tissue in my breast. Due to my age, he wanted to make sure it was all status quo. But having all of these tests ordered had me worried in between time. I leaned on all of the lessons of hope and choosing my attitude from these dear women I know to pull me through this time.

Here are some of the lessons I've learned from these lovely ladies:

1. Remain strong in your faith.

2. Eat healthy and exercise.

3. Choose your attitude.

4. Choose your tribe wisely.

5. Find others to support.

I am happy to report that all is clear and I have not been diagnosed with anything. So I will keep on being myself, choosing my positive attitude and do what I can to support everyone I know. I want to learn to listen more and be there for others. After all, healthy relationships is what really matter.

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