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What's life all about?

I don't think I've told you, and I will definitely go into more detail later, but my sweet mom passed away a few years ago. Up to that time I would still be considered an optimistic being, most likely seeing every situation as the glass half full and giving pretty much everyone the benefit of the doubt. After my mom passed away, I eventually amped that up to about 100X more. You see I began to cherish every moment, not just every day. I began to smile and laugh at everything life sent my way. I began to be very focused on the positive things going on in my life vs. all of the things that could be and or were going wrong. I made a conscientous effort at steering away from negative people. I began to become more aware of those around me and the energy they brought with them.

You see, just like a quote I really like, "Life is not about the amount of breaths you take, it's about the moments that take your breath away." So it's not just about surviving and living day to day. It's about enjoying each day. It's about making sure we have balance in our lives. It's about surrounding ourselves with maximizers and not minimizers. It's about being choosy of who your friends are.

From this point forth, I challenge you to change your mentality, your expectations in all aspects: your love life, your work life, your goals, your friendships, and even your relationship with your kids.

Be happy and remember that every minute you are angry is equal to loosing sixty seconds of happiness.

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