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When is it a good time to reset?

Well my initial, simple answer would be right now or even any time...

Maybe you are asking yourself, “How can I go forward when I don’t know which way I’m facing? just like John Lennon.

I would definitely say you know it's time to start over when you are completely done with someone or something. For example, a job. If you no longer feel the passion for what you do, then maybe- just maybe it's time to start over. What about when you feel stuck? If you feel like you're in a relationship and no matter what you do it's just not working out...then maybe it's time to start over. Another way to know when it's time to reset is when you've had a life change or you feel you just need a change.

Personally, I know when it's time to reset or start over when I have a goal in mind and I stand back and watch the progress and see either I am not progressing because I've gotten comfortable or I've forgotten to monitor my progress and it has fallen to the waste side. Believe it or not, that's easy to do. You get caught up on all of the other things you have to do that you let the goal take a back seat.

I like having friends and colleagues that keep me grounded, that remind me from time to time about my goal. Those are the people I've told you about...I call them My Tribe. Those are those maximizers I love to talk about. They help me secure my success by keeping me accountable. I don't ever take it in a negative way. I choose my attitude even if my pride is hurt just a little bit. I reflect and get back on track.

If you ever feel like resisting the course because someone is holding you accountable, just know that's normal. Even when we know we are not on the right path, sometimes we resent having to change or reset.

So the next time you have one of your "tribe members" give you a friendly reminder, remeber to thank them. It is because of them that you are able to make progress.

Stick to your goal, revise the plan when needed and then keep moving forward. I wish you the best of luck in accomplishing each one of them.

I want to thank my friend A.H. today for reminding me to stay the course.

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