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Do YOU believe in YOURSELF?

Nowadays we are all trying to be a little more mindful of what we put in our mouths, at the grocery store I find myself staying away from the aisles and doing a little more to hang out in the perimeter of my nearby Publix. I'm even a bit more conscientous about the stairs vs. the elevator (before you start giggling I already know that I start strong in the beginning of the school year and then it's downhill or in my case it's up/down the elevator).

So why is it that we are not as careful or cautious or even mindful of the people we allow to be in our circle or even people who we allow to influence our thoughts and energy? This week has been a week of reflection for me, I'm usually very reflective, at times an overthinker, but this week as I share my message of believing in yourself to a room of about 120 twelve year olds on three different days, I start thinking about what I'm allowing myself too.

I ask the question, "Do you believe in yourself?" Well, do you? Or do you believe in those doubters? You know who the doubters are , that one person you know who always questions your idea, your dream, your goal. The person who always thinks it's too hard or why even try. The person who always finds the one thing that could go wrong so it's not worth the attempt. Some people might call that person a hater, because afterall if they loved you wouldn't they try to lift you up? Wouldn't they tell you that if you did fail it was the experience that was worth it? Wouldn't they try to find all the ways your idea could work? Wouldn't they tell you that you deserve to dream big and have all of your wishes come true? That's the message I gave to those twelve year olds. That's the message I want to relay to you. You need to surround yourself with maximizers. People that will see the best in you and help you increase that X10! Yeah those people that you consider your private cheerleader. Perhaps, not with the real pom-poms (or maybe with the real pom-poms) but those people that will text you or call you or just tell you..."Nury I'm so proud of you! I knew you could do it!" YES, I have those people in my life. They are a reflection of what true friends are. A true friend isn't the one who calls you everyday to see what's up, those people might just be nosy. A true friend isn't the one who always wants to hang out, those people might just be lonely. A true friends wants to see you happy. A true friend wants to see you succeed. A true friend wants to see your idea come to life. A true friend wants to see your dreams come true. A true friend is your cheerleader. I'm proud to say that one of my biggest cheerleaders in my life was my mother. During a time when I thought I had made too many mistakes to ever recover from them, when I thought I coudln't get any more stupid, she lifted me up. She believed in me. She loved me. She helped me refocus on my dream. She was my biggest cheerleaader. For that I will forever be grateful.

Surround yourself with believers and those who love you. Surround yourself with those who maximize you to be a better version of yourself. Surround yourself with those who can see that silver lining and can help you keep a clear focus on how to achieve your dreams. Most of all, believe in yourself, if you don't it's going to be kind of hard for anyone else to.

Each one of us has a purpose, a gift, and can be a blessing to someone else. Find your purpose. Find your gift. Be a blessing to those around you. Think outside the box and let your path be your own.

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