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What's happiness?

That's a real question- What's happiness to you? Is it the blessings that have been bestowed upon you? Is it waking up on your own terms? Does it involve accomplishing a daunting task? Could it be not having an enraging, compelling force to complain? Perhaps it's reflecting the fortitude to smile even when you're having a hard time finding what to smile about?

Today, I was happy, but if you know me well that might not be a surprise. Why? you ask...well I find myself looking for the little things to be happy about on a daily basis. There are so many examples I could share like last Sunday when the three boys, errr well my three young men I call my sons were over to eat, watch a movie, swim and just hang out laughing. When I tell you my heart is filled over the rim I truly mean it. I love each of them with all my heart. That without question makes me happy.

Let's get back to today... I arrived at work and immediately run into SP in the hall, she's a colleague- yes a teacher. She greeted me with kind words and had me smiling before I even got to my office. Once in my office, I made me a cup of cafe (that's coffee in Spanish). I started my daily routine and started to read my emails. A sweet teacher, we will call her AH wrote me a sweet, thoughtful, kind email that made me smile and emotional at the same time... Yep! I shed a tear or two at work. I appreciated her sentiments and her positive message. Believe it or not, it's rare to find that in this day and age.

Other things made me happy today too! My friend and another teacher CS helped me look over my book "3,585 Miles to be an American Girl" for a final editing. Oh I saw MG and she always greets me with a warm hug and kiss on the cheek. She too is thoughtful and so loving. These four ladies made me happy today.

Then we greeted our new and returning students at Open House. My feet hurt but seeing the kids and all of their families made me happy. They were so excited to be back at school. Parents shared their summer stories, kids did too. I love welcoming them to our school, it's like welcoming family back home. I think of my school as a family too.

When I got home, dinner was ready and the pool guy had come by. The fellas were over and were working on the yard. YES! I'm blessed and today was definitely and unequivocally a happy day!

What makes you happy?

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