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Are you a scaridy cat?

So are you? The dictionary defines the term as a timid person. Okay, so I'm definitely not a timid person...but I must admit I do consider myself a scaridy cat. I supposed I've always considered the term to define a person who is just not willing to try new dangerous acts or is afraid of the unknown (if it looks dangerous). Neverthless, I've been pretty confident at claiming it, I'm not one to run from my true self. Well in recent years I don't recall any situations where I've been afraid, so just in case I had begun to forget that quality of mine, yesterday proved it once again. As I was in my kitchen, multi-tasking (or at least pretending to do so) I happen to look out my backyard window, out of the corner of my eye I must of caught a silhouette of a man. I immediately felt fear, I was home alone. I can now laugh, but at that moment I was afraid. I quickly looked in that direction again and within two seconds I realized it was the pool guy. I laughed at myself and waved at him. Yeah, yeah...go ahead and laugh at me, by the way I'm also scared of scary mvoies, so I don't watch those (at least not alone). What are you afraid of?

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