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A picture IS worth a thousand words!

Did I tell you about Demitrius? He owns Motion Illustrationz and you should really check his art work out. He is the artist of my first book. He created Sofia and I cannot wait to share her with you. Here's his facebook page We just got off the phone talking a little bit about business and a lot about my madness over Oreo (my Shih Tzu). This is a recap of what I shared with Demitrius:

Two nights ago, after 11PM; which is waaaay past my regular bedtime, I was sitting at this very same computer working. Suddenly I remembered that I had a meeting the very next morning. So I quickly walked upstairs to get ready for bed. As I entered my bedroom I felt a wet spot on the carpet. Ugh! You guessed it! Oreo! I mentally gathered myself , washed up and cleaned up the spot. I thought, I'll deal with Oreo tomorrow. As I walked towards my bed I felt ANOTHER spot, much wetter than the first one. I was so upset. Short story Oreo is in BIG trouble. I called the veterinarian and he suggested going back to crate training. What do you think?

Today I need to work on getting back on a regular schedule. I officially go back to work on Monday. Oh- did I tell you I was an assistant principal at a middle school? Plus today some teachers are coming over! I look forward to laughing it up and maybe pushing someone in the pool...ha ha ha!!!!

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