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What motivates you to do what you do?

Have you ever thought of that question? Well to answer that we would have to acknowledge that we are all different, therefore we all have our own motivation profiles, if you will.

When leading a team, whether the team is 12 years old or are professional employees, you need to learn what motivates each of them. It would be an effective idea to personally or electronically survey them. Learn what makes each of them tick. What makes them happy at work? What do they need from their leader to be happy? What do they need in order to be able to adopt a goal or vision?

Some people need deadlines. Others need affirmation, like a pat on the back. Others need to feel needed or even acknowledge. One of the toughest parts of leadership would be that we tend to lead based on how we are, therefore interact with others the way we like to interact. The catch then is to ensure we get to know each we go again- it's that building and maintaining a positive rapport thing I keep talking about. I always say, as a leader you have to learn to lead yourself first. So learn what motivates you and then learn what motivates YOUR team.

Thinking of why I started writing my first book, "3,585 Miles to be an American Girl" I can say I was intrinsically motivated to complete the project. I am one of those people refered to as multiplier. I feel my best when I'm helping other become their best, when I am shining the light on others, or even helping others dust off the cobwebs and helping them shine. My story written in a children's book version can help other children who have migrated to the U.S.A. see beyond their immediate reality. It can help children from other countries see that they are in an isolated case, that similar challenges were present in my childhood and yet I overcame those challenges with my family's love and support and they can too. I know I finished the book this summer because I also work on time frames and deadlines.

Think about what motivates you and then share it with your team, it's a good conversation to have and I believe can pay out dividends that are immesureable.

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