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Bilingual. Biliterate. Bicultural.

We are a publishing press that focuses on the release of books in a bilingual format. We are ready to work alongside authors and excited to publish their literary works.  Browse our site to discover more about what we have to offer you and your manuscript.

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I Am American, Soy Mexicana

2020 Release

Born in the USA and then moving to Mexico...sure she loves her culture and family but it's so different here.

New Releases!

1010 Publishing puts out a wide range of books on a variety of different genres.

Here are our most recent titles we’ve published:

Connections: A Journey Of Love and Autism by Lynn Shebat

(Spanish: Un viaje de amor y autismo)

Plant the Seeds Well... Expect Wonders by Nury Castillo Crawford

(Spanish: Siembra bien la semilla...Coshecha maravillas)

A Long Journey to Safety by Diep Nguyen and Nury Castillo Crawford

(Bilingual: Vietnamese and English)

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Connections: A Journey of Love and Autism

Lynn Shebat

Plant the Seeds Well...Expect Wonders

Nury Castillo Crawford

A Long Journey to Safety

Diep Nguyen and Nury Castillo Crawford

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Atlanta Metropolitan Area, GA, USA