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Who is your target audience?

If you don't already know, I am writing a second book and simulatenously I am preparing to publish my first book. It's somewhat uncanny because I was actually writing the second book when my first book came to mind. The book I'm publishing this year, hopefully by December, is titled, "3.585 Miles to be an American Girl". The childrens' book is about a 10 year old girl from South America who migrates to the United States. Her langauge acquisition is null and void and her culture shock is high. With the love and support from her parents, especially her mom she finds success her first year in Ameria.

Recently someone asked me who the target audience would be for this particular book. I didn't hesitate in responding that I feel it would be a great book for almost everyone. The book is bilingual in English and Spanish, so children who read and or understand either of these two langauges would definitely connect, but not just children, parents who read either of these languages or both of these languages can also read them and discuss. It would also be a great resource for children who are learning English or visa versa, since students could use the translation and pictures to help interpret the narrative. But the book is more than just in support of language acquisition. The short story is about love and compassion. Children can dive into Sofia's world and see how she felt not knowing anyone or the language. It can help children relate to someone who doesn't look like them or speak like them. Educators can use it to support social standards about making friends and being nice to others. The story shares some georgraphical references and the title itself displays a number so lessons in math could be incorporated as well.

Last but not least, it also shares American values of family. The love of parents, regardless of financial status, race, ethnicity, or background education is irrelavant when it comes to their children and the impact they can bestown upon them. Children need to know they are loved. Children need to feel secure. Structure is a key variable in ensuring children feel safe and cared for.

I am certainly looking forward to having the book published, inviting some family and friends to help me celebrate and then hopefully visiting schools or organizations to read and share the book.

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