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Dreams...what do they really mean?

9/10 times if you ask me what I dreamt about I'd tell you, "I don't know". That's the truth, but once in awhile it sneaks up on me and I can remember a dream so clearly it's almost scary. I don't know if I dreamt about the very first day of school because I had some fabulous teachers over yesterday- swimming, laughing, eating and laughing (YEP! I said laughing twice because we did a lot of laughing). My dream started with seeing a secretary and a teacher in the hallway. Apparently I had already been there for hours, the bell had just rung and I had not been to my office yet. That actually has happened in real life, so I was not too shocked ha ha ha! Then I walk and see a serious road block, traffic like none you've ever seen...well uless you travel I-285 in Atlanta on the regular. There was a teacher having a sesssion in the hall. Students sitting there in the middle of the hallway while two or three classes were trying to pass by. Anyway, that was the nightmare part. Note to self: Remind t

eachers about talking to students about hallway expectations.

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