This Thursday I get to fly off to Utah to attend ALAS: Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents. Where I will meet and reconnect with some amazing educators and guess what? The majority are of Latino/Hispanic descent. It's awesome to talk and share stories with so many individuals whose stories about moving to the USA themselves or their parents or grandparents AND in many cases whose roots are older than the USA itself. YEP! People of Latino / Hispanic descent whose families lived here in what is now known as the USA's Texas, New Mexico, California, etc. before it was what now know as the United States. We get together and share proven strategies and ideas of how to best

Let's make things happen!

Just like I promised I want to share the contact information for my book's artist.... his name is Demitrius "Motion" Bullock. You can find him on FB and his phone number is 302-883-7371 and his email address is An interesting stat I looked over this week is that Hispanics/ Latinos have one of the smaller unemployment ratios here in Georgia. Simultaneously though, the mean income earned is $21,000 annually. There's a lot of room to grow from there. One of those ways to support is through GALAS: Georgia Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents. Through education and hard work young students and young adults will be able to faciliate their own suc

Book covers! Time to choose an artist.

I really do believe that a book's book cover, especially in children's books are very important. Demitrius "Motion" Bullock is the illustrator of my book, "3,585 Miles to be an American Girl" Here's his email address: and his phone number: 302-883-7371 A HUGE shoutout to him and his wife for helping me load my book on Amazon! If you have purchased the book, please go on Amazon and share some feedback. Did you know that some data pulled from 2015 from the Cooperative Children's Book Center at the University of Wisconsin

Are you ready to publish your book?

So today there's no video. I've had a very busy week and the thought of creating a video well it makes me want to crawl right into bed. Apparently writing a few words about my thoughts this week is not so bad. Tonight I will share a contribution by immigrants, like I promised I would. Then talk a little bit about this flu thing...UGH! Last but not least some dibits about how to pursue publishing your book! In terms of a contribution by immigrants, well I will start with the obvious. The most dramatic impact of the Hispanic/ Latino population on the demography of the nation has taken place over the last few decades. The number of Hispanic/ Latinos in the United States more than doubled bet

What a week and it's only Wed.!

I had a great weekend engaging and learning in ATL at the Dual Immersion Workshop hosted by the Department of Education DLI Dept. The program specialist is Patrick Wallace, he is fairly new to the position but he is surely letting his leadership shine! I am super excited to hear about all of the excitement and dedication being put forth! Wow! It is amazing! Then on Monday and Tuesday I drove right into the city. How was the traffic you ask? Well, let me just say that at one point my GPS told me I was 6.4 miles away from the Hyatt Regency and it also told me I was 36 minutes away. Yeah it is that kind of ride. I certainly do not miss driving back and forth into the city. I like the subu


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