What's a hybrid publishing company + my 2 cents about DACA

What are my biggest pros and cons in choosing to get your literary work published with a hybrid publishing company? Find out in this week's blog. In addition, I share my sincere sentiments about DACA. I just want everyone to have a heart. After all, we cannot overcome hatred with more hatred. Only love can help us overcome our fears and differences. I truly am thankful for all of the kids at Mt. Healthy Elementary School in Columbus Indiana; the year was 1979... the Fall Semester of my first school experience in an American school system. They were curious, maybe more than I was. They were kind. They played with my sister and I. They were patient and they taught us English. Thank you

Today, let's talk about self-publishing

I share my brief list of pros and cons with self-publishing. Oh and guess what? I am going to start adding a quick tidbit of immigrant contributions to our country...starting with tomorrow's special day. Yup! Tomorrow is National Popcorn Day aaannndd.... popcorn originated in (drum roll please) Mexico!! I love all kinds of popcorn and I bet you do too! So thank you Mexico. Do you have a book in mind? Are you just about done writing it? Today I talk about self-publishing and also encourage you to send me an email if you're ready to submit your manuscript. All genres are currently being accepted at I will personally respond and share some feedback with you, ev

Pros and Cons of traditional publishing companies

Are you ready to publish your book? So let's start talking about the pros and cons of the different ways you can go about publishing your book! Remember you have three options: traditional publishing companies, hybrid publishing companies and self publishing. Today I discuss the pros and cons of traditional publishing companies. By the way, the other elementary school is Mulberry Elementary School and it's the book fair not the international night...geez! It has been a long day!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope you enjoyed your break and are ready to make things happen in 2018!!! I'm super excited about this year and all of the amazing things that are bound to come to fruition. This month is busy for me, I have a couple interviews and one meeting for the book already scheduled. I also have one special school visit to make on January 17. So...Shout out to Dacula Elementary School!!!! Thank you a million times for the invitation and support. My first day back at school was FREEZING but still awesome! I always enjoy seeing all of my friends at work. We got lots done and are ready for the kiddos (who run the world) tomorrow. Here's wishing you the VERY best 2018 ha

What does it take to get your book published?

That's a question I get a lot! Oh but before I commence, please let me wish you a Happy, Prosperous, Loving, Forgiving, and Kinder New Year!!! Now back to our regularly scheduled inquiry... Well first and foremost, I want you to know that your first draft will most likely be a bad reflection of the finished product. In most cases, not all, the technical erros are terrible and it's not just an opinion from an educator. So the first piece of advice is to read your first draft and start evaluating the technical errors. Check out the grammar and spelling and revise as needed. The famous writer Hemingway once said, "The first draft of anything is sh--." meaning that all drafts are not the fi


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