Who is your target audience?

If you don't already know, I am writing a second book and simulatenously I am preparing to publish my first book. It's somewhat uncanny because I was actually writing the second book when my first book came to mind. The book I'm publishing this year, hopefully by December, is titled, "3.585 Miles to be an American Girl". The childrens' book is about a 10 year old girl from South America who migrates to the United States. Her langauge acquisition is null and void and her culture shock is high. With the love and support from her parents, especially her mom she finds success her first year in Ameria. Recently someone asked me who the target audience would be for this particular book. I didn'

Letting go is hard to do...senior year.

So this morning started off similar to every other morning. I woke up, got ready, made sure my son got breakfast and then we rushed off to drop him off, before heading in to work. Any of you who drop you child off at school most likely will be able to relate to the staff member waving you closer and having you pull up the curve so that more cars can fit in. All of this in efforts to speed up the drop off car lane at the school. Well, I never (yeah I know that's an absolute term and usually I don't use those terms but this time it's true) pull up all the way. I pull up far enough for him to be at the level of the front door. Don't ask me why I do that, I think it's because I just don't w

How to connect with all families...

Tonight was a successful night. We held a parent informational night with a slight twist..."in Spanish". We really didn't have too many families attend, about five, but I truly believe that those five families really benefited from the information, networking, and collaboration we all engaged in. It was a night full of bonding, we talked a lot about what was happening at the school but we also talked about things that are in these families' minds, like Puerto Rico's devastation after the hurricane. It was quite a small setting and we got to talk to families individually. Parent nights are great ways to get to know families of students, whether they are in a different language or not. The

Just how do you repair a burned bridge?

Yep! You guessed it...that's what's on my mind today. Well needless to say I have definitely had my share of burned bridges. I'm not usually the one burning anything down, most likely because I'm optimistic about people, but nonetheless I do believe it's inevitable that those things do happen. Part of me wants to say, "Smile and let it burn baby!" and I think that's okay when it's a personal relationship and you really are done. I'm all about cleaning out toxic people out of my life. I like to think I focus on those who love me so that I can love them right back 10X fold. It's that "tribe" thing again. So again, I'm okay with smiling, turning around and throwing a match at that sucker! B

Can you predict love from a kiss?

Have you ever watched that movie with Will Smith called "Hitch"? It's a funny movie! I've watched it several times. Tonight was a perfect night to Netflix it. I feel like I've been working the entire week non-stop. So I watched it for the 20th time or so. Ha ha ha!!! So watching it this evening, a certain quote caught my attention, "8 out of 10 women believe that the first kiss will tell them everything they need to know about the relationship." Do you believe that? I don't know and not like I've had too much experience, but I do think kiss is somewhat of an art form. A research published in 2013, from Oxford University noted that a kiss transmits tastes, smells, sounds and touch signals t

What do you know about Puerto Rico?

Well first of all it's an island which currently happens to be a territory of the United States of America. Normally I would say that if you ever feel like having some tropical beach paradise time you should visit Puerto Rico and you don't even need a passport. Except now...because Hurricane Maria has come full force and cause pain, suffering and havoc throughout the entire island. Did you know Puerto Rico is translated into "Rich Port"? It's population is a bit over 3 million which is similar to Conneticut. When comparing it's size to a state in the USA, it's a bit smaller than Conneticut. The average farenheit temperature is highs mid 80s and lows mid about PERFECT!!! It was ori

What if you have doubts?

Any time you're working on a goal, whether it's a personal or professional goal you will encounter a moment of doubt. The thing is that goals are what take us forward in life. I think of a goal like a destination. In my quest to arrive at my destination, I will have to decide which road to take. I will have options of exits, turns, road blocks, and even U-turns. I will most likely map out my route; even if I use GPS I always click on the "directions" option. I like to see what my exits are so I can see how long it will take me to get to my destination. If you don't know your destination, how will you know when you've arrived where you need to be? So what happens when you do get lost? Yest

What's in a birthday?

Well...let's's my birthday and where I can honestly say I do not feel any older, I most certainly do not feel any younger either. Which by the way I am 100% okay with. I got married and had my first child in my very early 20s. I finished undergrad and grad school soon thereafter. By the time I was 30 I had three sons and was a full time school teacher. I have enjoyed my full trips around the Sun. This year as I reflected on my year I thought about what I had learned, what wonders I still had and lessons I had learned. So here it is: What I have KNOWN is that my tribe is everything I'll ever need. The older I get, the more I focus on careful organization of people in my life. So

Aging... how do you feel about it?

As my birthday approaches, I have taken some time to reflect on age. To some people it really is just a number. To others it is a reminder of how the window of time for doing all of those things on their bucket list is getting smaller and smaller. To others, it is a time to be grateful for all of the experiences he or she has taken. I would love to declare that I am on the third category...which by the way I am working on...but I know I've not completely fulfilled it. In recent years, I've been working on living and learning through experiences. Being able to say, "Well, I tried to _____, it just didn't work out." instead of "I wish I had tried _________". That's the difference between l

Who exemplifies HOPE in your life?

Think about the people you know in your life. Do you know someone who reflects being a strong spirited individual? Have you come across a person who is bold and unconventionally different than those around him/her? Is there a particular person you consider beautiful insdie and out? Could it be that there's a close person in your tribe that you know as courageous. I can most likely and readily name women who probably exemplify all of these characteristics. But guess what? It's not A SINGLE WOMAN, it happens to be multiple different women who have one specific variable alike. That one variable is cancer. I know a couple of women who are currently diagnosed with breast cancer and another wo

What's life all about?

I don't think I've told you, and I will definitely go into more detail later, but my sweet mom passed away a few years ago. Up to that time I would still be considered an optimistic being, most likely seeing every situation as the glass half full and giving pretty much everyone the benefit of the doubt. After my mom passed away, I eventually amped that up to about 100X more. You see I began to cherish every moment, not just every day. I began to smile and laugh at everything life sent my way. I began to be very focused on the positive things going on in my life vs. all of the things that could be and or were going wrong. I made a conscientous effort at steering away from negative people

Is your mindset on "THANKFUL"?

Well, unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know that Hurricane Irma made it's appearance in the southeastern part of the USA. This included all of Florida and it's remnants caused havoc in the state of Georgia. I live in Georgia, a bit northeast of the city of Atlanta. It's a small suburban area where people still leave their front doors unsecured and where you are bound to see someone you know at the local high school football game. Up to these past few days, everything was status quo. I wake up every morning, make my youngest son (the only one living at home) a hot breakfast, feed Oreo and then drop my son off at school before heading to my job. I arrive at work about an

Ever heard of Jumanji?

Jumanji is the Zulu word for "many effects". Jumani the board game is best known to be an African supernatural type of game. With the recent natural occurrences of multiple hurricanes: Harvey, Irma and coming up Jose, plus wildfires all over California and the westcoast, in addition to this week's 8.1 scale earthquake in Mexico. Oh and let us not forget the loose tiger found on the interstate here in the Atlanta Metro area...well some people are blaming it on Jumanji. It sounds hilarious, of course. I'm more apt to believe that all of this, well except the tiger, is caused by global warming. Recently I read more in depth about the rubber boom in South America. Where European and America

Are you just saying what you think I want to hear?

Have you ever heard someone say, "People with good intentions make promises, but people with integrity keep them"? You probably have ran across or even have experienced a relationship, friendship or otherwise, where someone is great at making promises. They are always willing to do as you ask and seem to just know the right things to say...but at the end of the day somehow those promises do not come into fruition. Commitment means staying true to what you said you were going to do, long after the mood you said it in is gone. You might be under pressure in front of your boss or maybe you're in a situation where you feel the message is to agree or volunteer to get something done. I get it,

When is it a good time to reset?

Well my initial, simple answer would be right now or even any time... Maybe you are asking yourself, “How can I go forward when I don’t know which way I’m facing? just like John Lennon. I would definitely say you know it's time to start over when you are completely done with someone or something. For example, a job. If you no longer feel the passion for what you do, then maybe- just maybe it's time to start over. What about when you feel stuck? If you feel like you're in a relationship and no matter what you do it's just not working out...then maybe it's time to start over. Another way to know when it's time to reset is when you've had a life change or you feel you just need a change. P

How does your behavior impact others?

To have an impact is the action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another. In terms of relationships, it translates to one person's actions having an influence on others. I am a true believer that you most certainly attract the energy you put out. It's like a boomerange. You treat others the way you want others to treat you. Your attitude and behavior can positively or negatively affect a person, their behavior, their actions, their perceptions and even their attitudes. A person may not always be aware of his or her attitude or the effect it is having on behavior. A leader or team member who has positive attitudes towards other co-workers can positively influence those aroun


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