Does the Early Bird Catch the Worm?

Today was the teachers' official day back, so I had to get back on my regular schedule. I woke up very early, about 5 AM and thought I would get to do my blog, etc. I obviously could not, now it's way into the evening and I'm just getting this blog done. I started thinking, Does the early bird catch the worm? Does it have more to do with what the time you wake up OR does it have more to do with structure, time frames, or a to do list? Does it have to do with having the power to be diligent and see to it that things get accomplished? I'm not sure what you're thinking, but I think it has to do with the latter. Many times people have complimented me in getting things done and telling me I'

Do Words Have Power?

On average during a friendly conversation, an adult speaks about 110-150 words per minute. A woman speaks 20,000 per day and a man speaks 7,00 per day. I'm probably on top tier of that average (shrugs I know I can talk a only guess is that I have lots to say). Any way, this gets me to thinking that we all have an audience. Are we being responsible with that audience? Are we using our words wisely, in a positive manner OR are we tearing people down, allowing our immediate emotions direct our situations and stances; even our relationships? There are times when we forget to LISTEN and PROCESS what we are receiving. We are quick to start thinking of our response, our retalitation, ou

Are you afraid?

Before you start re-evaluating my stance on life, you might want to go back a few days and read my post about being a scaridy cat. I can definitely relate to being afraid of unknown outcomes or even unknown processes. I think I mentioned I'm an administrator at a school, so I think that might align to having some control...( I said some). Having said that, I might like it when there's structure and control in an environment. Well, anyway, all of this thinking about taking risks made me start thinking about my childhood. My first book, 3,585 Miles to be an American Girl" is about a little girl, inspired by my own journey, who moves to the USA with her family. They speak no English and she

400,000 adults didn't read a book!

Well first of all let me clear that up... it's 400,00 adults didn't read a single book in 2016 in the country of New Zealand. I immediately thought..Wow! That's a lot of people or adults... I looked up the total population of New Zealand in 2016 and found it was 4,693,000. Out of that number about 76% were adults. So... that's about less than 1% of adults that didn't read - per the article 88% of adults did read a book. That's interesting. I wondered how many adults did or did not read a book in the USA. I found from a Pew Research Study (

Poor Oreo!

The week before teachers arrive and school starts for my own young men (I wanted to say boys...but I have to get used to acknowledging they're all young men now), I feel like I'm a running around like a chicken with my head cut off! So yesterday as I was leaving for work I let Oreo go outside to do his "business". Well the little rascal decided that it was the right time to play and just run down the street vs what he is supposed to do- which is do his business and come back in the house. Well, I called and called him to no avail. I looked up and down the building. I was now running late for work and began to literally have a headache, knowing I had to leave. As I walked to my car I text

Are you an immigrant success story?

This evening I had dinner with a friend of mine, let's call her Maisha (because that's her name ha ha ha!). I told her how cool I thought it would be to hear other adult's stories of migrating to the USA. I'm sure there's many to share. My children's book, "3,585 Miles to be an American Girl" is about a little girl moving to the USA from South America, but wha t about kids who move 10 miles and end up in Texas, USA? or 8,207 miles from the Philipines to the USA? or even 1,518 miles from Cuba to the USA? Do YOU know anyone? I would love to hear their story. If you do, can you have them contact me? That would be great!

Who's the new kid?

I'm pretty sure most of us have asked that question or been around when the question was asked about a new student in the class. Have you ever been that new kid? How about being the new kid, not only in a new school but in a new country- a new continent? That sounds pretty scary huh? As I reminisce about my own journey to the USA, I can honestly say that the students at Mount Healthy Elementary in Columbus, Indiana; which is part of the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation were pretty nice to me. This was about 37 years ago...yeah I know I'm telling my age and it seems like another life time ago, on the other hand I can recall that experience like it was yesterday. I walked in wi

How can you make someone's day?

I am feeling truly blessed this morning. I've been talking to different people over the last couple of days. I feel like friends are genuinely happy for my new endeavors! They share congratulatory love, share my story, call me and tell me how happy they are for me, etc. I am super excited and nervous about the new book, "3,585 Miles to be an American Girl". I'm probably feeling nervous because it's such a personal story. It's my story. A little 10 year old girl, I knew nothing about living in the USA or speaking English. I actually didn't even know the word or phrase "OK". I recall so many situations and instances. Most were happy moments because I was with my family, but some were n


For some reason or another, I woke up about 3AM. Normally, I turn over and go back to sleep- but since I'm on my last weekend before officially going back to work, I decided to watch a movie. I found "The Accountant" on HBO. It immediately intrigued me because the story revolved around a man who was diagnosed with autism. He appeared to be a productive citizen in the eyes of the public, but behind doors he dealt with those stressful lack of social interactions, and coping means that the general population might not understand. My youngest son was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, which is on the autism scale. I found many of the challenges Christian, the main character, dealt with are sim

Are you a scaridy cat?

So are you? The dictionary defines the term as a timid person. Okay, so I'm definitely not a timid person...but I must admit I do consider myself a scaridy cat. I supposed I've always considered the term to define a person who is just not willing to try new dangerous acts or is afraid of the unknown (if it looks dangerous). Neverthless, I've been pretty confident at claiming it, I'm not one to run from my true self. Well in recent years I don't recall any situations where I've been afraid, so just in case I had begun to forget that quality of mine, yesterday proved it once again. As I was in my kitchen, multi-tasking (or at least pretending to do so) I happen to look out my backyard wind

Like "Squirt" in the Nemo movie...

Well so far today I've certainly proven that I am not completley ready to go back to work...ha ha ha! I woke up early as usual- but I had to get dressed and I don't mean sweats & t-shirt, I mean dress & heels kind of dressed. Today we welcomed our new teachers (which is always awesome). They all seemed like a bunch of great people. I love that! I hope we all get a chance to connect as the days for school to start draw closer. I wanted to chat on this blog for a quick minute, then I need to write a few emails back to a couple prospective media connections. I'm hoping to be able to share my book with as many people as possible via all forms of media. So if you know a radio station or televi

Dreams...what do they really mean?

9/10 times if you ask me what I dreamt about I'd tell you, "I don't know". That's the truth, but once in awhile it sneaks up on me and I can remember a dream so clearly it's almost scary. I don't know if I dreamt about the very first day of school because I had some fabulous teachers over yesterday- swimming, laughing, eating and laughing (YEP! I said laughing twice because we did a lot of laughing). My dream started with seeing a secretary and a teacher in the hallway. Apparently I had already been there for hours, the bell had just rung and I had not been to my office yet. That actually has happened in real life, so I was not too shocked ha ha ha! Then I walk and see a serious road blo

A picture IS worth a thousand words!

Did I tell you about Demitrius? He owns Motion Illustrationz and you should really check his art work out. He is the artist of my first book. He created Sofia and I cannot wait to share her with you. Here's his facebook page We just got off the phone talking a little bit about business and a lot about my madness over Oreo (my Shih Tzu). This is a recap of what I shared with Demitrius: Two nights ago, after 11PM; which is waaaay past my regular bedtime, I was sitting at this very same computer working. Suddenly I remembered that I had a meeting the very next morning. So I quickly walked upstairs to get ready for bed. As I entered my bedroom I fe

Surge Television!

So I met Klarque Garrison, who happens to own Surge Television ( ) for a late breakfast/brunch... a super cute cafe called My Coffee Shop here in the ATL Metro area. I am super excited to have made the cut (wink) and will be interviewed in one or more of the shows after the book is finally published! I hope I didn't scare him since I was wearing this arm thingy lol!

Welcome to our page!

I've spent part of my summer traveling with my sons and loved every minute of it. I'm blessed to have a close relationship with them and that even though they're no longer little boys still want to be with their mom. The other part of my summer I've spent working on getting my publishing company up and running AND finalizing my first book, "3,585 Miles to be an American Girl". I cannot wait for everyone to read it. A short children's book about a little girl and how the love from her family helped her move forward and past the challenges she faced. You know what they say, love conquers all.


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